Your Workers' Compensation Law and Social Security Disability Experts

At the Law Offices of Mark F. Steiner I represent individuals and workers' compensation claims and Social Security Disability Claims.  My office is conveniently located in Buffalo, NY near the Workers' Compensation Hearing Site and walking distance to the Office of Hearings and Appeals where the Social Security Disability hearings are held. This level of convenience allows my clients to meet with me prior to their workers' compensation hearing and to go over any last minute details prior to the Social Security Disability hearing.

I understand that the workers' compensation law process can be both confusing and at times overwhelming.  To learn more about the process and other aspects of Workers' Compensation Law, please see the Frequently Asked Questions page.

All workers' compensation claims are handled on a contingent fee basis.  I will only charge a legal fee if compensation is recovered for your work place injury.  Please allow me to help.